Measuring Chronic Pain Outcomes with Ruby and Twilio

Use tech to learn about pain management. We have 'superpowers' to make lives better.


Meet, share and learn

Learn from fellow shruggers about their learning experieces at conferences


TTY - Ruby alchemist’s secret potion

Learn the secrets of writing a modern terminal application quickly and easily


On writing <%= code %>

What can 5000 years of written language teach us about writing code?


Ruby Newby - A CodeUp & Sheffield Ruby Mashup

We've teamed up with CodeUp to introduce some students to Ruby! Join us!


New year - New ShRUG (almost)

Why not help with the new look/feel of ShRUG. Community driven programming FTW!



Sheffield Ruby festive meal

Shruggers annual food, chat and festive fun meeting


Agile Lessons from the World of Roller Derby

What can Roller Derby teach us about working in an agile fashion?


Lightning talks - Autumn edition

Why not give us a short talk about your work/your passion/anything else that makes you tick?


99 Bottles of Object Oriented Programming; An Interactive Session

OOP workshop for Ruby (and other) devs


Sheffield Ruby Summer Social

Traditional Summer Social with the community


Community-run "ShRUG in the pub"

We're off on our jollies this month, so we're handing over to the community this month!


Double take: Introduction to Arel & Cultivating Code

Tech and team process from the FreeAgent team


Does Size Matter?

How does the environment you are in influence development?


Ruby: how a language reflects its people

What effects does the language of the Ruby community have on Ruby itself?


Using and Abusing Ruby for Computer Science Great Good

Back to life, back to the command line.


Make Ruby scripting great again!

Back to life, back to the command line.


An Introduction to Rust for Rubyists

Learn something new this year



Sheffield Ruby Christmas meal

As Christmas is fast approaching, it's time for our annual Christmas meal.


Open Source - Contributing - drop-in session

Drop in session for open source contributions


All about remote working

Remote working is the dream right? Let's share what it's really like.



Learn about how to connect and use APIs in Ruby.


Hell is other people's code - POSTPONED

This talk has been postponed.


Using Ruby at The Floow - workshop

Ruby techniques used to grow a great startup into an international business


Ruby on Docker and AWS with Convox

Let's make Ruby app deployments easier and scalable


Sheffield Ruby in the (Beer) Garden

Come along for some Ruby chat in the garden


Our experience using Ruby at The Floow

How Ruby was used to grow a great startup into an international business


How to play at being a programmer

Developers being childish? That doesn't sound like something that would happen...


Rubot Wars

Ready for a friendly rubot fight? Our workshop in Ruby will give you just that


ShRUG in the pub

ShRUG is off to the pub for drinks and a chat about all things techie


Lightning talks - New Year Version

Are you a Rubyist interested in giving a talk? 20 slides x 20 seconds each for good fun



Sheffield Ruby Christmas Meal

It's that time of the year again. Sheffield Ruby Christmas Meal


Video editing for Mac Rubyists using MovingImages

Are you a Mac Rubyist interested in video editing? Come learn about MovingImages


Ruby in the Wild - community edition

Current or future Rubyist? Come and check out some awesome examples of Ruby in the wild


Making music with Ruby and Sonic Pi

Ruby coder? Interested in composing music? Sonic Pi might be for you


ShRUG in the pub

ShRUG in the pub


OpenSteetMap (OSM) and geospatial Ruby

OpenSteetMap (OSM) and geospatial Ruby


Summer social

Time for some sun, drinks, food and chat!


Pragmatic BDD with ShouldIT?

What on earth is ShouldIT?


Introducing Docker - lets build a Rails container!

“I’m sure everyone has heard of Docker by now: its a way to package, distribute and run software.


Introducing Elixir

Elixir is a pragmatic approach to functional programming. It values its functional foundations and it focuses on developer productivity. Concurrency is the backbone of Elixir software. As garbage collection once freed developers from the shackles of memory management, Elixir is here to free you from antiquated concurrency mechanisms and bring you joy when writing concurrent code. - Dave Thomas, Programming Elixir


Ruby Newby - Retro Style

It’s a coding trip back to the 80s as we look at using Ruby to play with Star Wars, top-trumps style! This is suitable for complete coding beginners as well as developer Ruby newcomers. We’re going to learn how to consume APIs, organise data and run scripts from the command line.


New Year Learning Resolution Edition

Was your new year’s resolution to learn more new stuff this year? Does it involve more Ruby? Want to brush up on micro-services? Finally decided to start looking at that new JavaScript framework?



Sheffield Ruby Christmas Meal

It’s that time of the year again. Time to put the talks and workshops to one side for a month and get together for Sheffield Ruby’s annual Christmas meal.


Designing a Learning Experience for Applied Computing

This month is a break from the usual talk schedule to get involved with the wider Sheffield tech scene and give some input on how future developers will learn. We’re encouraging Sheffield’s Rubyists to attend a series of workshops on defining a curriculum for the city’s new University Technical College:


GOV.UK development insight

In October 2010 Martha Lane-Fox declared “Revolution not evolution” in her report on the state of the Government’s online presence. Four years later that vision is well on the way to being a reality, with the single domain GOV.UK in daily use by millions of UK citizens, and the Government Digital Service leading the way internationally in transforming Government IT.


Mini-hackathon and show & tell

Missed out on LeedsHack or won’t make HackManchester? Or maybe you are just hungry for more?


Summer social

Summer’s here and the weather’s too nice to sit inside and do presentations. Come along to The Red Deer and have some food, a cold drink, chat about Ruby, set the world to rights, and catch up with other ShRUGgers.


What happens when a Rubyist gets *Go*ing?

This month’s talk is from Luke Roberts and is a comparison between Go and Ruby. From the abstract:


What is puppet and why should I care about it?

This month’s talk is from Stephen Johnson and is on Puppet:


SRC retrospective

This month’s meeting is a week later than usual


Controlling state with finite_machine.rb

This month Piotr Murach will be giving a talk on finite state machines:


Tribute to Jim Weirich

This month, we thought that we could pay tribute to Jim Weirich by watching some of his best talks as well as sharing some of our stories from meeting him. The session might go down the route of talking about open source as Jim was a hero when it came to this.


Ruby social

This month will be a relaxed social event at The Red Deer (the usual post-meeting venue). Chat about Ruby/Rails, have something to eat, have a good catch-up or come along and say hello if you’re new to the group or want to know more about Ruby/Rails. Let us know if you’re coming and you don’t know who you’re looking for!


Ruby Code Battle - the rematch

This month we’re holding another round of our Ruby code battle but this time with a different challenge. Write your player and pit them against the other entrants. Pair up with someone else or work alone, the choice is yours! We’ll reveal the problem on the night (and provide a base framework to write your player against) so you can’t go researching strategies beforehand. In a similar way to a kata or dojo, hopefully this will be a good opportunity to test your Ruby skills in a way that you wouldn’t on a day-to-day basis.



ShRUG festive meal

It’s that time of the year again. Time to put the talks and workshops to one side for a month and get together for ShRUG’s annual Christmas meal.


Hack Manchester Retrospective and Code Retreat

This month we’ll be focussing on community events. Sheffield (and ShRUG!) was represented really well at Hack Manchester. The ShRUG attendees will be presenting their hacks and giving us some feedback about the event.


Messages queues don't need to be scary

October’s meeting is a talk from Glen Mailer on message queues:


Mob programming

September’s meeting is a group session in “Mob Programming”.


Open source hack session

NOTE: this month’s meeting is at the earlier time of 6.30pm!


ShRUG pub social

This month will be a relaxed social event at The Red Deer (the usual post-meeting venue). Chat about Ruby/Rails, have something to eat, have a good catch-up or come along and say hello if you’re new to the group. Let us know if you’re coming and you don’t know who you’re looking for!


ShRUG, the big debate

Being a programmer is about more than just writing code. We spend a lot of time working as a team, communicating our ideas and persuading people that our solutions will give the best possible outcomes. There are plenty of ways to hone your programming skills (dojos, katas etc.) but honing the way you communicate as a developer is often overlooked.


Javascript, delivering the promise with AngularJS

NOTE: this meeting is the 20th May, not the usual 2nd week of the month slot!


Parsing for Fun & Profit

This month Ash Moran will be running a talk & workshop called Parsing for Fun & Profit. This is a new and improved version of the NWRUG talk from February this year.


Ruby Code Battle

This month we’re holding a code battle. Write your player to solve a set problem and pit them against the other entrants. Pair up with someone else or work alone, the choice is yours! We’ll reveal the problem on the night (and provide a base framework to write your player against) so you can’t go researching strategies beforehand. In a similar way to a kata or dojo, hopefully this will be a good opportunity to test your Ruby skills in a way that you wouldn’t on a day-to-day basis.


Lightning Talks

This month’s SHRUG is a lightning talk event: 20 slides for 20 seconds each either Ruby based or not! It’s a chance for people to have a go at giving a talk and to hopefully hear about some cool things. No requirement to give a talk, but there are still slots available so let us know if you want to speak.


Rails 4 and Ruby 2.0

This month’s ShRUG talk is from James Almond on what’s in, what’s out and what you need to know about Rails 4 and Ruby 2.0.



ShRUG 3rd Birthday Social

It’s that time of year again and ShRUG is 3 years old! After the overwhelming response for the meal idea, we’ll just be meeting up for some food, chat and festive fun in the Rutland Arms (between The Showroom and Decathlon).


Adventures in the hexagonal

This month’s ShRUG talk is from Jon Rowe:


RubyMotion: iOS development for Rubyists

This month’s ShRUG talk is from Luke Roberts:


Beautiful command-line interface design

This month’s ShRUG talk is by Brightbox’s John Leach:


Show and tell - Experiences working with a startup, the public sector, and building a Ruby CMS

This month’s ShRUG talk is from Andy Goundry.


Scottish Ruby Conference Retrospective

As tradition dictates, the meeting following SRC will be a retrospective of the talks or events of the conference. For those who went, would you like to pick a talk you’d like to present/recap/summarise/critique/interpret for the meeting?


A Controlled Explosion

This month’s ShRUG talk is from Tom Crayford.


Ruby Golf, the back 9 holes

Following on from last year’s ShRUG event, May’s ShRUG is another 9 holes of Ruby Golf.


ShRUG social



Coding Dojo

This month we will be running a Coding Dojo at ShRUG.


Isolation vs Rails: More Fastererer Speedy Testing Mk II Edition

After last month’s Speedy TDD with Rails talk by Ash Moran, this month Tom Crayford will be running a follow-up/alternative session on “More Fasterer Speedy Testing”.


Speedy TDD with Rails

This month Ash Moran will be running a session on speeding up tests with Rails:



Christmas Meal

It’s christmas and ShRUG’s 2nd(!) birthday so we’re organising a meal to celebrate.


Continuous delivery workshop

This month Tom Crayford will be running a session on continuous delivery:



This month Jon Rowe will be running a session on Ruby Battleships:


The What, Why and How of Node.js

Summer’s over and we’re back to speakers at ShRUG.


ShRUG Summer Social

Summer’s here and ShRUG’s taking a holiday from the usual speakers and activities. We’re going to meet for an informal chinwag and catch-up over a beer (or non-alcoholic alternative). It’s a chance to come and get to know us if you’ve not been before, or get the low down on Rails 3.1 if you have. It’s also a chance to let us know what you want to see over the next few months.


Rails 3.1 and the asset pipeline

Steve Hodgkiss will be giving a talk at this month’s ShRUG on Rails 3.1 and the asset pipeline.


Remote Pair Programming with Ruby and the Twitter streaming API

Quentin Wright will be giving a talk on remote pair programming using screen and Skype. The talk will explain how to remote-pair effectively when it comes to coding and testing and describe some of the problems encountered as well as the benefits. It will also cover some of the particularly interesting parts of the app and the technologies we’ve used.


ShRUG Ruby Newbie Day

A desktop programmer that wants to get into web development? A web designer that wants to add more functionality to their website? Heard all about Rails? The Sheffield Ruby User Group (ShRUG) are putting on a Ruby Newbie day on Sat 11 June. We’ll be in the GIST Lab for a whole day giving presentations, advice and providing hands-on experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.


ShRUG plays Golf!

In parallel with LRUG, we’ll be playing Ruby Golf. Ruby Golf, similar to Perl Golf, is “A game where one attempts to write the shortest [..] program to accomplish some goal.”


Scottish Ruby Conference Retrospective

ShRUG is going Scottish with a look at Scottish Ruby Conference. Like last year, we’ll be doing short talks, rapid-firing through slides from the event and talking about interesting things we saw. Then off to a pub for a quiet, thoughtful retrospective of the conference (possibly over a whisky).


Chessboard BDD Kata with Cucumber and RSpec

This month, we will be working through Johnno Nolan’s Chessboard Kata. The kata is being used for Johnno’s MSc too, so your solutions will be contributing to academic research on BDD! You can talk to him on Twitter here.


Play squash with Ruby, OpenGL and a Wiimote

This month, Jan Wedekind, will be describing game development with Ruby.


Social - making plans for 2011

This month’s ShRUG is a social event. We’re gathering together to make plans for the new year. Things on the table include:



ShRUG 1st Birthday Meal

This month’s ShRUG is the group’s 1st birthday. ShRUG was originally conceived on a train back from NWRUG over a year ago, and started not long after with a meeting in the Bath Hotel. We moved around a bit before settling on the GIST Lab as our regular venue.


High in Fiber

Jon Rowe will be giving a talk called High in Fiber, about Ruby Fibers, and how to apply them in asynchronous code.



Ian White will be talking about Pickle, his library for easy model creation in Cucumber.


Rails: Getting through "The Wall"

James Almond has offered to give a talk/presentation on his experiences using Rails called Rails: Getting through “The Wall”. And Koichci Sasada, creator of the YARV virtual machine for Ruby 1.9, is in town! He wants to meet local Rubyists, so if you’d like to speak to one of the core Ruby guys, come along for a chat.


Introduction to RSpec part 2

This month is an interactive session. Ashley Moran of PatchSpace Ltd will be concluding the introduction to RSpec we started last month.


Introduction to RSpec

This month is an interactive session. Ashley Moran of PatchSpace Ltd will be running an introduction to RSpec, a powerful and mature BDD/testing library for Ruby. No RSpec or unit testing experience is necessary, as we will be starting from first principles, but knowing basic Ruby will help.


HornetsEye Library

ShRUG has its first presentation! Thanks to Jan Wedekind of Sheffield Hallam University for doing a presentation on his HornetsEye Library. Also, this is the first ShRUG to be held in the new GIST Lab.


First ShRUG meal

The sixth meeting of ShRUG is at the Ethiocubano restaurant. We’ll be in downstairs room for the first half, followed by a meal upstairs for anyone who wants to stay. There’s a Wikipedia page on Ethiopian cuisine if you want to learn more. You can also look at my scan of the menu.


Scottish Ruby Conf ShRUG

The fifth meeting of ShRUG is at the Electric Works. Massive thanks to the new building manager Louise for letting us use a meeting room.


Sunny Start to Spring ShRUG

The fourth meeting of ShRUG is again taking place in Mojo. It’s becoming a habit…


Late Winter ShRUG

The third meeting of ShRUG is yet another informal pub meeting. We’re re-using last month’s venue, Mojo. Hopefully this time we’ll find out if there’s any chance of them getting a proper room sorted.


New Year ShRUG

The second meeting of ShRUG is another informal pub meeting. We’re trying out a new venue, Mojo.



First Meeting

The first meeting of ShRUG is an informal pub meeting. About 8 of us regular Ruby types are already going. We’re hoping to attract as many Ruby hackers in the area as possible. If you have an interest, come along to the meeting, and join in the discussion on the mailing list.