This month, Jan Wedekind, will be describing game development with Ruby.

Using the Ruby programming language, the CWiid library, and the Ruby bindings for OpenGL, it is possible to develop a 3D game which is controlled using a Nintendo Wii Remote. By furthermore invoking RMagick and the ALSA library, one can add textures and sound to the game. Note that the library for accessing the Wii Remote (CWiid) and the sound library (ALSA) require Linux. However it is conceivable to do a similar project with alternate libraries on another operating system.

Someone will be around at the GIST Lab from no later than 6.30pm. The presentation and questions will run 7pm-8.30pm. The GIST Lab is on Grinder’s Hill, at one end of the Workstation.

If you’re going, please sign up for a ticket here: