Isolation vs Rails: More Fastererer Speedy Testing Mk II Edition

The GIST lab
7pm to 8.45pm

After last month’s Speedy TDD with Rails talk by Ash Moran, this month Tom Crayford will be running a follow-up/alternative session on “More Fasterer Speedy Testing”.

“There is a vast set of tools and patches to speed up Rails boot time. What happens if, instead of testing inside Rails, we isolate our specs from Rails? What benefits can be gained from isolating our testing? Whilst test execution time is an obvious benefit, there are more subtle nuances to isolation.”

The venue is The GIST lab. There will be someone there from around 18.45. We’ll head out for a drink afterwards too.

Tickets are available on our EventBrite page.

If you want to say hello before then you can catch us on Twitter or on the Google Group. Or, drop us an email if you’ll need help finding us on Monday. Hope to see you there!