The sixth meeting of ShRUG is at the Ethiocubano restaurant. We’ll be in downstairs room for the first half, followed by a meal upstairs for anyone who wants to stay. There’s a Wikipedia page on Ethiopian cuisine if you want to learn more. You can also look at my scan of the menu.

We almost had a talk lined up, but to avoid rushing it, we’re delaying that to next month. If the venue is good, we may be back in June and set up a projector in the downstairs room.

We’ll be discussing news and Ruby tips picked up over the last month. As usual, these will go on the Analogue Blog.

I (Ash) will be there from 6.00pm, but we’ll probably move downstairs 6.30-7pm ish. The meal will probably be around 9pm.

Where to find us

Ethiocubano restaurant is on Arundel Gate, not far from the bus station.