James Almond has offered to give a talk/presentation on his experiences using Rails called Rails: Getting through “The Wall”. And Koichci Sasada, creator of the YARV virtual machine for Ruby 1.9, is in town! He wants to meet local Rubyists, so if you’d like to speak to one of the core Ruby guys, come along for a chat.

Rails: Getting through “The Wall”

Whilst Rails is a good framework to get started with, the majority of learning resources that exist focus on the basic CRUD actions or specific tools. Once you get past the simple CRUD steps, it’s easy to get to the point where you hit ‘the wall’: tests times spiral, files get longer, you’re not sure where things should go or what should do what, and the time take to add each feature gets longer.

I’m going to cover a few techniques and practices that attempt to solve these issues, focussing on separation of concerns, understandability (possibly a made up word!), removing duplication and testability (also made up?). The talk will include optimising routes, controllers and views and using presenter objects and service objects within the Rails MVC pattern.


We’re at the GIST Lab again. Someone will be around from no later than 6.30pm. The main session will run 7pm-9pm. The GIST Lab is on Grinder’s Hill, at one end of the Workstation.

If you’re going, please sign up for a ticket here: http://shrug10.eventbrite.com/ (If you want to just turn up, that’s fine. We just like to know who’s coming to help us get ready.)