Open source hack session

University of Sheffield Enterprise, 210 Portobello, S1 4AE
6.30pm to 8.30pm

NOTE: this month’s meeting is at the earlier time of 6.30pm!

Open source is a big part of the Ruby community. This month we’re getting together to hack on some open source projects as a group and give something back. If you’ve never contributed to an open source project before then now’s the time to start!

If you’ve got a project you want to contribute to but don’t know how, come along and pair with another developer. We’ll also put together a list of bugs to fix or projects that need some developer time. If you’re an experienced open source committer and you could lend a hand then that would be much appreciated.

Bring a laptop and, if you have any, some ideas on things to hack on!


With the help of epiGenesys, we’re at the Enterprise Zone this month.

Join our Google+ event to let us know you’re coming.

Someone will be around from 18.15 if you’re around and we’ll probably head out to the pub afterwards.