How to play at being a programmer

Union St, 18-20 Union Street, S1 2JP
6.30 to 8.00pm

As programmers, we can be pretty childish. We play with code, imagine new projects and solutions and sometimes we even pretend that we know something we don’t yet know.

In this talk, join me on a journey through the lessons of childhood. We’ll revisit how to play nice, try our best and always tell the truth, but more importantly, we’ll look at some of the things children don’t have to learn, like how to see the world with fresh eyes. In an age when children are learning to be programmers, let’s learn together how to be children, and how this can help us all to get better at what we do.

Please bring along a laptop with a recent(ish) version of Ruby as some audience participation may be required!

Not this side of the Pennines on Monday? Andrew is also talking at NWRUG on Thursday.

About our speaker

Andrew is a Ruby developer, speaker, musician and kidney donor working in Surrey, England. His background includes a music degree, 5 years of radio presenting/production and panel game hosting and a long history of combining code and music to explore the artistic capabilities of programming. His professional experience includes a lot of integration with large legacy databases.

About our venue

Our meetup tonight will take place at our venue, Union St.

After tonight’s meetup, we’ll be heading to the Rutland Arms for drinks, food and chat.

About our sponsor

Tonight’s event is kindly sponsored by [email protected] Dock.

[email protected] Dock are building a team that will be able to take on any challenge; we’re stepping up our commitment to digital skills and innovation with the creation of a brand new, world-class technology hub in Leeds. Our new tech hub will see the creation of up to 400 highly-skilled jobs and is already partially open. Its focus is on designing and developing our next generation of websites and apps across the product offering. Teams will also work on some of our most popular digital and online platforms within Sky Sports, Sky News, Online Service and Digital Trading.

Based at Allied London’s Leeds Dock, in the heart of the city, the hub is already a dynamic and creative environment for our tech teams, expanding their skills in order to continue to grow our technology for customers.

More details about the roles available are on the Sky Careers site.