Ruby in the Wild - community edition

Workroom 2, The Diamond, Leavygreave Rd, Sheffield S3 7RD
6.30 to 8.30pm

Ruby in the Wild - community edition

As a fresh graduate from a prestigious university, as far as career opportunities were concerned the choices were great. I worked with vInspired, a national volunteering opportunity provider; BigSofa, a vid-tech consultancy; and Money Advice Service, the UK’s go-to point for all-money related issues and advice. Come and hear all about how Ruby on Rails is enabling companies small and big to innovate with unparalleled velocity, and how you can be part of it.

This session is aimed at people learning Ruby or wanting to do so, and to see what awesome things can be achieved with it. If you are a more experienced Rubyist, come along and show/tell us what you are working on, help answer questions, talk about your own journey in “Rubyland” and maybe help inspire the next generation.

One of our show and tells will be MovingImages, a Mac and iOS movie editing platform where all the instructions for editing the video and audio content are described using JSON. Included as part of the MovingImages platform on the Mac is the ‘moving_images’ ruby gem. The ruby gem helps you to create the necessary JSON for generating and editing videos.

About our speakers

Jones Agyemang (@Tr4pSt3R) is a professional Rubyist, and a self-described ‘lovechild of the School of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield’ graduate where he was part of Genesys and where he had his first contact with Ruby.

Kevin Meaney (@CocoaKevin) from Zukini Software will briefly describe the moving_images ruby gem and do a short demo of what you can achieve using MovingImages.

About our venue

Our meetup tonight will take place in The Diamond, which is across the road from the Enterprise Zone.

We will be meeting in Workroom 2, which is on the ground floor. Enter via the Leavygreave Road entrance (opposite ICOSS and the Innovation Centre), proceed down the hallway, turn left at the Library Connect space, and Workroom 2 is at the end of the hallway on the left.

A map of the Diamond is available at