Does Size Matter?

Union St, 18-20 Union Street, S1 2JP
6.30 to 8.30pm

After working amongst small teams for five years, I decided to shake things up and try something new. I joined Sky UK in August 2016 and have worked on Retentions, Sky Mobile and now a hush-hush NDA project. In a short time, I’ve worked in squads ranging from 8 people to approaching 30. This is an honest reflection of the advantages and disadvantages of working in either environment, and the overheads imposed on day-to-day development.

About our speaker

Rob White is a polyglot developer at Sky UK; having worked remotely as part of a small company from 2011 through 2016. He is a demonstrated vim-nerd, and has written production applications in Elixir, Javascript, Ruby, Objective-C, Swift, PHP, Scala, and Java. He currently works on micro-service architecture at Sky, utilising the Elixir programming language atop the Erlang VM.

About our sponsor

We would like to thank our sponsor, Sky Technology for the travel arrangements and time off for our speaker. Since the beginning of 2015, Sky has created 500 new highly-skilled jobs in Leeds, taking the total number of Sky employees based in the city to over 1,000, across Technology and Customer Services. The Technology teams focus on designing and developing Sky’s next generation of websites and apps for our customers. They have a culture of engineer excellence working in small highly collaborative and agile teams. We are recruiting the full range of software roles including engineers, scrum masters, analysts and testers using technologies including Ruby, Javascript and Java.

About our venue

Our meetup will take place at our venue, Union St.

After the meetup, we’ll be heading to The Devonshire Cat for drinks, food and chat.