RubyMotion: iOS development for Rubyists

The GIST Lab
7pm to 9pm

This month’s ShRUG talk is from Luke Roberts:

“If you’re reading this you’ll probably agree Ruby is a beautiful language but this has made us spoilt.

Sometimes, having to work on different platforms in different languages can seem like a real chore.

Rubymotion has the potential to bring Rubyists all the benefits of working with native iOS applications and the Cocoa Touch APIs as well as the benefits of using the Ruby syntax and idioms we all know and love.

This talk will provide an overview of what RubyMotion is, how it works and, of course, the “Gotchas”. The talk will be mainly demo based and discussion of the demo material is encouraged. Please don’t hold your questions until the end!”

Tickets are available on our EventBrite page, please sign up if you’re coming. We’ve also got a Lanyrd Page.

Someone will be around from 18.45 if you’re around and we’ll probably head out for a drink afterwards.