Introducing Docker - lets build a Rails container!

University of Sheffield Enterprise, 210 Portobello, S1 4AE
6.30 to 8.30pm

“I’m sure everyone has heard of Docker by now: its a way to package, distribute and run software.

Docker promises to bring easy, fast and efficient deployment to all, with dependable result.

It has seen rapid growth, and coupled with the micro-service architecture perhaps it will replace VMs as the king in the future of cloud computing.

This talk will start with an introduction to Docker: what it is and where you might use it, followed up by a simple demo of how Docker works.

And finally, to bring it back to Ruby land, we will build and run a Rails app container! Which will also be a good way to talk about the nuances of how Docker works.

The talk is aimed at giving you a head start to play with Docker yourself, you will not need a computer and all the code will be provided on Github afterwards.”

Valentin is a very humble freelance developer, operating under the brand Made Special - Epic Web Development and likes to let his work speak for itself.

With the help of epiGenesys we’re at the Enterprise Zone this month.

Join our Meetup to let us know you’re coming.

Someone will be around from 18.15 if you’re around and we’ll probably head out for a drink in The Red Deer afterwards.