Running Ruby and Rails, purely serverless on AWS

Union St, 18-20 Union Street, S1 2JP
6.30 to 8.00pm

A talk covering running basic ruby functions to a full-blown Rails site using AWS, Lambda and various serverless technologies to enable scalability and reduce costs.

The talk will include a demo and, for anyone with an AWS account, the ability to follow along.

Getting set up with AWS
  1. Sign up for an account (if you don’t already have an AWS account):

  2. Create a new IAM account for the AWS CLI:

  3. Install the AWS CLI (requires Python):

    pip install awscli
  4. Configure the AWS CLI using the IAM username and secret key:

    $ aws configure
    AWS Access Key ID [None]: {IAM username}
    AWS Secret Access Key [None]: {IAM secret key}
    Default region name [None]: eu-west-1
    Default output format [None]:
  5. Install Node and NPM (if not already installed):

  6. Install the following packages:

    npm install serverless serverless-ruby-package

About our speaker

Paul Ridgway is an experienced Software Engineer turned Strategic Technology Leader.

Since graduating from The University of Sheffield with a First Class Honours Masters Degree in Software Engineering Paul has turned his hand to Technical and Operational Leadership, co-founding and growing a successful technology start-up in the UK to become a sustainable global business worth millions of pounds and employing over 100 people. In addition to the original design and build of the entire technology stack, he hired and developed a team of over 80 engineers and other technology professionals and led them to deliver high-quality software, on time and on spec, to customers all around the world.

Paul operates successfully at all levels of business working with developers, product teams, leaders and executives, often acting as a bridge between different business functions, translating requirements into specifications, expressing highly technical concepts with easy-to-digest real-world metaphors and designing solutions for complex problems. His current gig is CEO and Founder at The Curve

About our venue

Our meetup will take place at our usual venue, Union St.

After the meetup, we’ll be heading to The Devonshire Cat for drinks and a chat.