Ruby Golf, the back 9 holes

The GIST Lab
7pm to 9pm

Following on from last year’s ShRUG event, May’s ShRUG is another 9 holes of Ruby Golf.

Ruby Golf, similar to Perl Golf, is “A game where one attempts to write the shortest [..] program to accomplish some goal.”

We’ll be working in groups to complete a series of ‘holes’ to pass a pre-defined set of examples. At the end, the solutions will be scored, discussed and a winning team will be announced.

This session is great for all levels of Ruby experience, with the beginners getting the chance to work through some (reasonably) simple examples and learn some language tricks and the more experienced developers get to flex their Ruby fu.

So, bring your laptops and play along! You’ll need Ruby and RSpec installed. We’ll probably head out for afterwards.

Tickets for the event are available on our EventBrite page. Someone will be around from 18.45 if you’re around or need help setting up for the evening.